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Coach Arthur.jpg

Arthur Tong


Classes with Arthur are an intoxicating combination of fitness laced with science and shaken with lots of attitude. As a trainer, he believes in being present and connecting with authenticity, dignity, and respect.


This certified Ironman coach started sports at an early age and was a competitive swimmer for many years, eventually taking part in Ironman triathlon races around the world. Plyometric exercises that increase speed and power are his workouts of choice, and he loves going beast mode to the tunes of AC/DC and Eminem.



Twelve years in the SAF gave Nigel a good foundation in fitness. Working his way from marathons to triathlons, an unfortunate injury turned him onto functional fitness. While a good functional fitness session burns a lot of calories, what’s more important is finding the right balance between building strength and cardio endurance to make daily tasks easier.


Nigel’s classes will have you burning heaps and working every inch of your body. But don’t worry, your sweat will hide your tears, and no one will hear you crying over the non-stop mix of sick EDM beats.

Coach Nigel.jpg

Tammi Lim

Head Coach

Tammi’s fitness journey was inspired by her triathlete sister. She picked up swimming, running, then cycling, and eventually participated actively in triathlons. She has not looked back since. Now she counts free weights, compound and functional exercises in her repertoire, and is always up for a workout that challenges her.


Stepping into Tammi’s class will make you feel like you’re working out with close friends. She guarantees an amazing workout with lots of fun and smiles with her care, kindness, and non-judgment

Stephanie Chin

Senior Coach

With her infectious energy, a class with Stephanie is definitely going leave you pumped up and super hyped. As a coach, Stephanie believes in caring for the people she trains and makes sure that they leave with an elevated experience.


A former SAF regular, Stephanie views fitness as a part of her lifestyle, and believes that it’s the ultimate form of self-care. She enjoys breaking out a sweat to the latest pop hits with cardio and plyometrics exercises.



Senior Coach

Sufian’s energy is driven by his passion for fitness. To attend his class is to be immersed in his aura. Your body and mind will be challenges by his intensity and you’ll be pushed to the brink of self-discovery. In a safe and tactful manner, of course.


Sufian counts calisthenics and bodyweight workouts as his favourite exercises as they reveal what the human body is capable of. Truly experimental and adaptable, he’ll be grinding it out to the likes of Rage Against the Machine and Skrillex on some days; and on others, if he’s feeling particularly chirpy, beast-mode it through Taylor Swift.

Andre John

Gym Manager & Coach

Better down that pre-workout as Andre’s class will be filled with explosive and electrifying energy. At the same time, his care for your safety or injuries ensure that you will also gain knowledge on proper training form.


Andre got into fitness when he had his first-born. Unhappy with his lifestyle and how he looked then, he started exercising and came to fall in love with fitness. He loves working out to the high energy retro playlist from Grease, but turns to old school rap and punk rock when lifting weights.

Asst Gym Manager Kimberly.jpg
Asst Gym Manager Kimberly.jpg


Assistant Gym Manager

Kimberly always enjoys a nice conversation with her #ElevateFam. Engage with her and she will share with you all about her special needs community and what she has been up to. Once Kimberly has warmed up to you, she maintains great eye contact and conversation.

Kimberly makes sure that our gym is clean and tidy for your every workout. She will also be the one greeting you at the door, assisting you with settling into the gym and cheering for you during your workout.

Don't be shy, come say hi!

Coach James.jpg



Mynn’s fitness journey took a turn for the better after studying to be a physiotherapist. It helped her to understand body mechanics and exercise ideas to prevent injuries. She personally enjoys free-flowing workouts such as climbing, mountain-biking and CrossFit. She believed that working out should be fun and not restricted to traditional static exercises but that we should not be afraid to get outdoors and dirty.

A class with Mynn will be hard work peppered with tips on how to perform complex movements safely. With her experience as a physiotherapist, you can be assured that you will be in safe hands.

Coach Mynn.jpg
Coach Jebsen.jpg
Coach Jebsen.jpg



Jebsen will get your heart racing as you work out to the best of your ability, and yet, ensures you go home injury-free. With EDM playing in the background, you’ll be sure to get in the mood for that extra pump.
Injuries got Jebsen into the fitness scene, which spurred him to educate everyone on the importance of training safe. Caring and catering to his client’s needs are his top priorities, and is motivated by them achieving their fitness goals.



When Lusi first got into aerial arts, she realised she lacked the strength and stamina to execute many routines in her aerial classes. Lusi then started exploring options to improve her fitness, and ended up making it a part of her lifestyle.
Whether you had a long day at work or dreading working out, Lusi’s infectious cheerfulness is bound to make you feel a better. Friendly and bubbly, Lusi’s classes will have you feeling good.

Coach Lusi.jpg
Therapist Sean.jpg
Therapist Sean.jpg


Sports Therapist

Sean's sense of humor will put you at ease while he works on your pains. His attention to detail is second to none and you'll be in good to go in no time.

A session with Sean is never enough as there are no quick fixes. But don't worry, Sean's got you sorted for the long haul.

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